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He doesn’t look so scary

Posted by whatheals on June 25, 2008

I never thought I would see the inside of Black Temple. Well maybe when I got to 80 and we went in there for fun but I joined my new guild and have had a guided tour of all of the T6 content.

I stood face to face with Illidan a week ago. Then the next night I was in the raid when we downed him in one shot. I feel very lucky to have found a guild that is so great and welcoming to me which has also allowed me to attain goals I never thought I would reach.


3 Responses to “He doesn’t look so scary”

  1. Softi said

    Congrats! I’ve just joined a new guild recently who are much further ahead progression-wise than I ever thought I’d see… not seen Illidan yet, but I think I might actually have a chance now where before I’d never have imagined it!

  2. Chris said

    Grats on killing Illidan. I’m hoping to get to some of that content myself before WotLK hit. Good luck on your future adventures and

  3. Chris said

    I’m glad you found a guild that fits. (stupid submit before I was ready *grumble*)

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