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Being in charge of healers

Posted by whatheals on May 30, 2008

So if you read this you know I have been healing for less than a year and about 2 months ago I, smart or not, told my guild leadership that I wanted to take charge of the healing. Not because the raid leaders couldn’t do it, the two main RL have both been healers they are more than capable of setting up healing, but because I needed to challenge myself. I had become good friends with a priest that was raiding T6 content and he was constantly, and still is, pushing me to become better and he suggested that I should be assigning healers. I thought he was crazy because I watch green bars what did I know about setting up healing? Well I started to read and learn more about the healing classes and became more and more frustrated with the healers that weren’t doing their job in raids. So one night after a raid I grabbed one of the raid leaders in a vent channel and talked to him about it. He, who also pushed me to become better, thought it was a great idea and he brought it to the guild leadership. A couple days later I was setting up healing for my first Gruul run. I was terrified. I made my notes, had all the healers join the guild healing channel and went over my assignments with the raid leader then set them up with he healers. Things went well! They continued to go well and 1 week later I was promoted to a raid leader/healing class leader position in the guild.

Now my struggle is how do I talk to those healers I feel could be better? The priest who only uses flash heal when MT healing, the pally who is has the least healing of the night when he was tank healing, the healers who won’t stay on the assigned target. I find myself pouring over wws reports looking for what is happening and what needs to be changed. At a basic level if people are staying alive and bosses die then I am happy. However I need to address the issues that we have. We are a casual raiding guild so we don’t ask people to spec certain ways or have mandatory attendance but I want to have some standards. 

So I guess my question is how do you talk to your healers about issues?  


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The long weekend ahead

Posted by whatheals on May 23, 2008

Kara tonight (crosses finger for a full clear so I can buy new badge boots)

22 badges and boots purchased and gemmed 🙂

ZA Saturday

Full clear today and I won blood of zul’jin so 23 badge run 🙂

SSC Sunday night

We won’t talk about it…really it was not great but Hydross down.

dailies at some point…maybe

yeah I did some of those

EDIT: updated Monday 5.26.08

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How did I get here?

Posted by whatheals on May 22, 2008

Less than a year ago I was a newly 70 shadow priest looking forward to getting into Kara. I had done some research on where to get the best pre-kara gear and I was working hard on obtaining that so I could get into kara and dps my little heart out.  And I got into kara, it was lots of fun. Then week two came and we were short a healer and the question came, ” Can you heal tonight? you don’t have to respec just heal shadow spec”. Okay I thought I’ll heal no biggie. I was miserable, I was oom all the time, I let people die. My first thought was that I was not going to ever heal again. I sucked at healing why would I try it again.  Back to dpsing I went continuing to gather the best shadow gear I could get at that time. Then again we were faced with the healer shortage and the request from the guild leader came, “can you respec and heal tonight please?”. With a huge sigh I gave in, got a port to SW and quickly found a spec to use on WoWWiki and paid my 5g respec fee, learned my new talents and set up my hot keys. Off to Kara as a healer I went in my dps gear because I had no healing gear. It was a better experience this time around, I was able to keep people alive but I was still such a noob. I did find out something during that run though, I kinda liked healing. I haven’t been shadow spec since that day.

In the days that followed I began to look for healing gear  and a better spec (that quickly found spec was strange) and luckily had 4 other people willing to run 5 mans with me so that I could get some gear. I also learned alot about healing in that time as the group I was with wanted to test my skills and did crazy things pretty often. I have to thank them for that. I learned a great deal about healing priority and situational awareness during that time.  My gear improved (power leveled tailoring and got my PMC set) and I changed guilds. I continued to learn  about healing and improve my gear with the new  guild. Then drama happened and that guild went up in smoke. Sadly this is while I was taking a short hiatus to pack and move because my fiance and I had bought a house. He continued to play and was invited to a new guild. I also was invited to the same guild.

So here I was in okay gear in a new guild, one that had no clue of my history. They didn’t know that I had only been a healer for 4 months. The first kara run I attended was a challenge I was one of only two healers for the run. I was scared to death. But….we were at the back door in 1 1/2 hours and I had done a pretty darn good job. I got new bracers and gloves and shoulders and helm. Price nor Maiden dropped a weapon for me and still to this day I have never seen either drop, but I digress. So I finish my first Kara run with the new guild and I get compliments from the other healer. It motivated me to make sure that I was the best that I could be. I didn’t want to let the new friends I had made down.

Not long after that first kara run I was running Gruul with the guild, then ZA and in SSC and TK. There have been some people that have really pushed me since I have joined the guild (there was a ZA run that changed alot for me but another story for another time). I have begun to read as much information and theory about priest healing as I can to better my healing. I have gotten upgrades and improved my gear but it wasn’t enough. I would go to raids and the raid leaders would set up healing. I would do my job but I wanted to do more.  I began to read about the other healing classes. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each class and what they were best equipped to do in a raid setting.  I am not sure when it happened exactly but I began to give input about healing and who should be healing what. I was encouraged to take over the healing by a friend who also plays a priest….he thought I could do it. So after much worry and doubt I told one of the raid leaders that maybe I might just wanna take over the job as Healing Class Leader/Raid healing leader if he maybe thought I could do it and the officers maybe thought that I was capable of doing it but It would be okay if they didn’t think so I was just offering. Yes that is almost exactly what I said. I was scared that I was getting in over my head but ready to take on the challenge. The officers and raid leaders in the guild also thought that I was ready as well. So 2 months ago I started taking charge of the healing and was given the permanent position a few weeks after that.  It has had ups and downs and I am still learning. I enjoy it so much and it also motivates me to continue to not only improve my healing and play style but to learn more about the other healing classes.

So that is my story of shadow to holy spec healing class leader and how it happened in 1 year or less.

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Agree or not take a look at this….

Posted by whatheals on May 22, 2008

TJ asked that people get this story out and I want to do my part to help. You may or may not agree with the rash of bans for botting or points selling. I personally think that if someone is cheating then they should be banned but I also would hope that Bliz would take care to make sure mistakes don’t happen and people that should not be banned aren’t.

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Weekend Plans

Posted by whatheals on May 16, 2008

SSC tonight and Sunday night. Crossing fingers that everyone shows up and most of them have the appropriate consumables.


Testing various “well fed” buffs to see which is best for me.

And maybe leveling an alt with a couple friends….deadmines here I come lol

EDIT:  Great night in SSC….progression kill here we come Sunday!!

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Why do we even sign up for raids?

Posted by whatheals on May 14, 2008

I mean really if you are going to sign up why not be there. I understand real life crap happening, even unexpected real life stuff happening but when you are online, on the toon that you signed up for the raid, please please please let someone know you won’t be there before you log off for the night.

This has been a problem that has gotten worse recently in my guild. We will have 19 people sign up for Kara and 8 show or 26 for ssc and 20 show. It really makes getting the raids started a problem and hurts progression.

We are a casual guild and so there are no requirements for raiding “x” nights a week, which is fine. I need a break every now and then as well….I am at every raid and recently took a week off. BUT we are also an adult guild so I expect that people will have at least common courtesy for each other. If there aren’t enough people there for the raid the ones who are just sit there.

Where is the line in the sand where enough is enough and people are held accountable for not showing up repeatedly?

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Holy Mana Regen Batman!!

Posted by whatheals on May 9, 2008

So I was in the guild MH run on Wed night and if the 100% spirit aura isn’t wonderful enough I played with my Earring of Soulful Meditation and my mana regen was crazy. I was at 850ish mp5 while casting and 1200ish when not. Woot for only having to use one mana pot the whole night!!

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WTB [Spine]x1 100g pst

Posted by whatheals on May 9, 2008

I am spineless…well almost. I let something happen last night in game that is completly fucked up. I let it happen in the name of less drama. If I just say “sure I am okay with that” there will be no drama and it is better for the guild. Truth is I am no where near okay with it, I think it is a terribad decision. (note that this is my opinion, I do understand the reasoning that the guild leades made this decision) I am almost at the point where I want to not raid anymore. It is not worth the drama and time. I spend alot of time preparing for raids, making sure that I am ready and that I know the strengths and weaknesses of those healers in the raid with me, that I have read the numerous strats for a fight, that I know what strat the raid leader for the night will be using on a particular boss and setting up the healers appropriately. I also sit in a room with my guilds main tank and I am the one, and rightly so as the healing lead, that gets “why the FUCK did I die?” yelled at me from across the room and if I don’t have an answer when then we don’t have a very happy tank. I think on the run, I make changes on the fly, I make sure I say in vent and type in the healers channel what needs to be done. The guild officers think I do a good, hell great job. BUT yeah there is always a “but”. BUT the decision was made and I let it happen. I did log back onto vent and talk to a couple guild officers and tell them how I felt. It didn’t change much of anything but I did feel better…less like a door mat.

Fast Forwad to the next day….There were some annoyances and then the knowledge that people are talking shit about me. Yay more drama, though directly related to the other drama. I yet again talked to the officer I had talked to the night before, said my peace and then told him I would be taking a break from raiding for the next week. I renounced on GEM from SSC Thurs and Sun nights and ZA and Kara for next week. The officers understood why I did it and for that I am glad. Though I missed being in a raid last night.  I am putting my trust in the officers to deal with the situation and I hope to be raiding again next week sometime. We shall see……

So any advice for dealing with the drama llama when it comes around?


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