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I’m back…well sorta

Posted by whatheals on January 12, 2009

OMG Meg posted a new blog. Okay yeah maybe no one even said that but yeah I am posting again. Atleast I hope to be back on a regular basis. So much happend…the race to end game, wrath, holidays, just life. Back to keeping track of my wow experience here. Mondays are pretty crazy work wise for me so here is my Manic Monday list of stuff going on.

1. Sarth + 1D down last night – wow that was fun. They made me call the flame wall. I failed once, sure I know front from back >.>

2. I have been leveling my Druid. She is now 60 and in Outland. I do think I may need to rename her at some point since her name was a joke when I created her.

3. Official 25 mans started this week for my guild. It was lots of fun except for the laaaaag and disconnects that people were having. Please Please Please Blizz fix that so we can get more done in  less time.

4. OMG the Trash neck dropped in Naxx heroic this week and it is mine. ❤

5. I am still undecided on the CoH nerf. I mean I will actually have to pay attention in heroics /sigh

6. I am thinking of reworking my glyphs after 3.0.8, more to come on that.

I hope to get back to posting on a regularly, at least a couple times a week.


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Looking Back

Posted by whatheals on November 11, 2008

I have been absent from my blog and the blog community for some time now. Hurricane Gustav caused chaos in my life. My office was totaled and I have not had and office much less internet access at work for 2 months. I also had no time at home to blog because my great guild was still raiding and well laundry and dishes and all those good things. I have missed you all and things are getting back to normal.

I was thinking as we get ready to start a new chapter of WoW where has my journey taken me.

One year ago I was here:

headed to curator

headed to curator

Then last night as we were buffing up I looked at this sight:


Then  we beat TBC!!!!!


What a long strange journey it has been from one year ago in greens and blues trying to clear Kara in 3 nights to Clearing Sunwell and downing Kil’jaden.

To my guild who welcomed this slightly undergeared priest into the healing ranks, I love you guys and look forward to all the challenges and fun Northrend has in store for us.

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Two quick things….

Posted by whatheals on July 15, 2008

A drive by post from me today as RL has been crazy busy and I haven’t had a chance to write a proper blog post.

  IF you haven’t yet please check out the Twisted Nether Blogcast. Bre and Fim have a great thing going there. I have sooooo enjoyed all of the episodes and look forward to episode 8 which is ready to be loaded onto my zune.

Also for all you healers out there please check out this great new community that was started by Matt, Wyn, Auz and several other great bloggers. 



Okay I will be back with more as soon as work and other RL stuff quits trying to hurt me  🙂

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Thoughts for a Tuesday…

Posted by whatheals on June 24, 2008

  1. A little over a week in the new guild and I am getting to know and really like the people there.
  2. The joy that creepy shoulders can give you is amazing.
  3. Now that the possibility of actually making the 4th timer in ZA is within reach I really want a bear mount.
  4. Illidan is a fun fight
  5. Archimonde is not 

A real post will happen soon 🙂

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I have some blogs coming….

Posted by whatheals on June 9, 2008

I just have to find the time to put the thoughts on paper…er the internet.

Topics include:

  • raiding casually v casully raiding
  • guild drama (scratch that…no blog about the guild drama)
  • my ranting…which really may never see the publish button

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Agree or not take a look at this….

Posted by whatheals on May 22, 2008

TJ asked that people get this story out and I want to do my part to help. You may or may not agree with the rash of bans for botting or points selling. I personally think that if someone is cheating then they should be banned but I also would hope that Bliz would take care to make sure mistakes don’t happen and people that should not be banned aren’t.

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Weekend Plans

Posted by whatheals on May 16, 2008

SSC tonight and Sunday night. Crossing fingers that everyone shows up and most of them have the appropriate consumables.


Testing various “well fed” buffs to see which is best for me.

And maybe leveling an alt with a couple friends….deadmines here I come lol

EDIT:  Great night in SSC….progression kill here we come Sunday!!

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