What Heals?

the ramblings of a raiding holy priest

All about me…well maybe not all

I’m Meg a 80 holy priest. I am currently raiding 10 and 25 man content with my guild.

I leveled to 70 shadow and had plans to stay that way being the dutiful mana battery for raids. However one night, in a previous guild, I was asked to respec to holy because we were short healers. My healing gear was basically the same gear I had on for dps…who needed a healing set I wasn’t going to heal. Well I am no longer with that guild but have not been speced shadow since that day. I love healing and began a log journey to gathering a healing set that was not full of damage gear. I have also found that I am somewhat a theorycrafter….well I applaud what therorycrafters do and read all I can to gain as much knowledge as I can to better my healing.

I also have to thank a certain prot pally without whom I would still be a bumbling mess when it came to healing. He ran mech and bot so many times to help me get Sha’tar rep and work on my healing skills.

In RL I have a fiance (that certian prot pally) and 2 wonderful children errr dogs. I am 30ish and have a masters degree and professional job that keeps me very busy.

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