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Sarth +3

Posted by whatheals on February 18, 2009

Dear Sarth and your three buddies,

Please die tonight




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From the baby druid….

Posted by whatheals on July 22, 2008

My druid is only level 28 but she has one thing she wants to say……


If you don’t understand it is okay…go here then here then here.

Lots of ❤ for BRK and BBB

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I need an alt

Posted by whatheals on July 3, 2008

I really need to level an alt. I am one of those strange people that have 1, yep one, level 70. I have a handful of alts that are in the range of level 10 – 38ish but I don’t know which one to level. I love my priest and considered leveling a shadow priest but I have a level 38 shammy that has just been sitting somewhere in STV for a long time. I also started a druid recently and and a pally and a rogue. So I guess what I am asking is what is your opinion which should I level next?

  • Elemental Shammy (level 38 ) Got her to level 41 this weekend 🙂
  • Druid (level 11) Got her to level 14 this weekend 🙂
  • Pally (level 14)
  • Rogue (level 22)

 Edit: I couldn’t decide between the shammy and druid so I played both….yay for a long weekend!

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He doesn’t look so scary

Posted by whatheals on June 25, 2008

I never thought I would see the inside of Black Temple. Well maybe when I got to 80 and we went in there for fun but I joined my new guild and have had a guided tour of all of the T6 content.

I stood face to face with Illidan a week ago. Then the next night I was in the raid when we downed him in one shot. I feel very lucky to have found a guild that is so great and welcoming to me which has also allowed me to attain goals I never thought I would reach.

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I know I promised a new post

Posted by whatheals on June 16, 2008

Between this post and now lots has happened.  I know I posted that I was guildless. Lots of drama happened that lead to it. Luckily it was mostly while I was at work and not logged in. I did happen to read alot of the thread on my previous guilds website that bashed me, my fiance and one other guildy. That kinda makes me wonder if the people I had been spending so much time with were really all that great.  Oh well things happen and I will try not to hold a grudge.

Last Thursday I had an audition run with a new guild and it went great. I really had more fun raiding that night than I had in the last couple of months. I saw two bosses die for the first time in that run. I was very nervous to start worrying about being evaluated the whole time we were in the raid. However after the first wave started I began to heal and it reminded me that I really love to heal and that is what I did to the best of my ability. At the end of the night the guild leader met with me on vent and let me know that he wanted to sit down and do my interview the next night on vent and I should have a decision as to my app by Monday (today).  Friday I got home and logged in.  I ran around Shatt talking to people for a bit. I saw the Guild Leader in Shatt and we logged onto vent to talk. I asked a couple questions about the guild and he asked some questions of me. We talked for about a half hour and at the end of the conversation he said, “well I have heard enough I would like to extend you an invitation to the guild”.  SSSQQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE I was so excited. About 15 minutes after an invite to the guild I was in my first Kara badge farming run with some members of the guild.  1 hour and 45 minutes later we were done….wow what a night. Sat evening was our first bear mount ZA run which consist of people from the #2 and #3 progressed guilds on our server. We just missed the 4th chest and with a few tweaks I hope to see someone in our group get the first bear mount this coming Saturday.

My goal now is to get to know people in the new guild, farm the mats for my shadow resist set, and try not to mess up to bad in upcoming raids this week. I am on standby for the illidan kill tonight, not sure I am ready but I will be there if they tag me to go 🙂

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The long weekend ahead

Posted by whatheals on May 23, 2008

Kara tonight (crosses finger for a full clear so I can buy new badge boots)

22 badges and boots purchased and gemmed 🙂

ZA Saturday

Full clear today and I won blood of zul’jin so 23 badge run 🙂

SSC Sunday night

We won’t talk about it…really it was not great but Hydross down.

dailies at some point…maybe

yeah I did some of those

EDIT: updated Monday 5.26.08

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