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Why a Priest

Posted by whatheals on April 22, 2008

So why did I choose a priest to play. Now I had just been playing wow for a couple weeks and had a mage that had made it to level 15, I know impressive right? However I just could not get excited about playing my mage so I decided to make a new toon. I had spent the weekend with some friends camping and the running joke was that someone was going smite someone else. It went on all weekend the smite talk and who was going to get smote (is that even a word).  And guess what I could smite stuff on a priest! And so Meg was born errr created.


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A wow blog

Posted by whatheals on April 11, 2008

I have a personal blog but I found myself wanting to post about wow related stuff and well several of the people that read my personal blog would just be confused. So here I am with my brand new baby wow blog.

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