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Thoughts for a Tuesday…

Posted by whatheals on June 24, 2008

  1. A little over a week in the new guild and I am getting to know and really like the people there.
  2. The joy that creepy shoulders can give you is amazing.
  3. Now that the possibility of actually making the 4th timer in ZA is within reach I really want a bear mount.
  4. Illidan is a fun fight
  5. Archimonde is not 

A real post will happen soon 🙂

One Response to “Thoughts for a Tuesday…”

  1. Cynra said

    Belated congratulations on the new guild! And I really don’t think those shoulders are too creepy. At least you haven’t claimed to have the priest-onna-stick yet!

    And I find Zul’Aman mount runs to be a blast. We had long since stopped running the instance because we had it on farm for so long, but now we’ve gone back with better gear and new resolve. Our personal best in three weeks has been a mere fifteen seconds behind the timer. I love the camaderie of our ten-man group and the challenge of being one of two healers in that instance.

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