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We beat ZA!!

Posted by whatheals on July 2, 2008

This past Saturday we, after begging a guildie to bring his alt mage, got our bear mount run underway. And……….with 3 minutes left on the timer the 4th boss died!! There was lots of celebrating to be had as we accomplished this after only two weeks working together as a group. Our main tank won the roll and because he is in the same room as me I got to see him do a happy dance (shhh don’t tell him I told you.) We went on to kill Hex Lord and Zul’jin after which I celebrated because we two healed Zul’jin.

And now for a screen shot….of course they were having fun making the bears giant with Mojo


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Why do we even sign up for raids?

Posted by whatheals on May 14, 2008

I mean really if you are going to sign up why not be there. I understand real life crap happening, even unexpected real life stuff happening but when you are online, on the toon that you signed up for the raid, please please please let someone know you won’t be there before you log off for the night.

This has been a problem that has gotten worse recently in my guild. We will have 19 people sign up for Kara and 8 show or 26 for ssc and 20 show. It really makes getting the raids started a problem and hurts progression.

We are a casual guild and so there are no requirements for raiding “x” nights a week, which is fine. I need a break every now and then as well….I am at every raid and recently took a week off. BUT we are also an adult guild so I expect that people will have at least common courtesy for each other. If there aren’t enough people there for the raid the ones who are just sit there.

Where is the line in the sand where enough is enough and people are held accountable for not showing up repeatedly?

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