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I’m back…well sorta

Posted by whatheals on January 12, 2009

OMG Meg posted a new blog. Okay yeah maybe no one even said that but yeah I am posting again. Atleast I hope to be back on a regular basis. So much happend…the race to end game, wrath, holidays, just life. Back to keeping track of my wow experience here. Mondays are pretty crazy work wise for me so here is my Manic Monday list of stuff going on.

1. Sarth + 1D down last night – wow that was fun. They made me call the flame wall. I failed once, sure I know front from back >.>

2. I have been leveling my Druid. She is now 60 and in Outland. I do think I may need to rename her at some point since her name was a joke when I created her.

3. Official 25 mans started this week for my guild. It was lots of fun except for the laaaaag and disconnects that people were having. Please Please Please Blizz fix that so we can get more done in  less time.

4. OMG the Trash neck dropped in Naxx heroic this week and it is mine. ❤

5. I am still undecided on the CoH nerf. I mean I will actually have to pay attention in heroics /sigh

6. I am thinking of reworking my glyphs after 3.0.8, more to come on that.

I hope to get back to posting on a regularly, at least a couple times a week.


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