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Weekend Plans

Posted by whatheals on May 16, 2008

SSC tonight and Sunday night. Crossing fingers that everyone shows up and most of them have the appropriate consumables.


Testing various “well fed” buffs to see which is best for me.

And maybe leveling an alt with a couple friends….deadmines here I come lol

EDIT:  Great night in SSC….progression kill here we come Sunday!!

3 Responses to “Weekend Plans”

  1. WoWGirl said

    Hi there =D
    I’m a woman also, and i have a holy priest too =)
    Congratz on your blog, i’ll fav it =D

    bye, and good luck on your raids =P

  2. Calandris said

    I like to carry 3 differnt kind of foods buff foods.

    fish sticks for healing and spirit
    any stam spirit food
    and blackend sporefish for stam and mp5

    each situation dictates a diffent type of food.

  3. whatheals said

    I normally carry 40 golden fish sticks, 20 sporefish and 20 each 20 stam and 30 stam food. I use them all depending on the situation 🙂
    I do want to test them all to see the differences….there should be a post coming that details what I have found.

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