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WTB [Spine]x1 100g pst

Posted by whatheals on May 9, 2008

I am spineless…well almost. I let something happen last night in game that is completly fucked up. I let it happen in the name of less drama. If I just say “sure I am okay with that” there will be no drama and it is better for the guild. Truth is I am no where near okay with it, I think it is a terribad decision. (note that this is my opinion, I do understand the reasoning that the guild leades made this decision) I am almost at the point where I want to not raid anymore. It is not worth the drama and time. I spend alot of time preparing for raids, making sure that I am ready and that I know the strengths and weaknesses of those healers in the raid with me, that I have read the numerous strats for a fight, that I know what strat the raid leader for the night will be using on a particular boss and setting up the healers appropriately. I also sit in a room with my guilds main tank and I am the one, and rightly so as the healing lead, that gets “why the FUCK did I die?” yelled at me from across the room and if I don’t have an answer when then we don’t have a very happy tank. I think on the run, I make changes on the fly, I make sure I say in vent and type in the healers channel what needs to be done. The guild officers think I do a good, hell great job. BUT yeah there is always a “but”. BUT the decision was made and I let it happen. I did log back onto vent and talk to a couple guild officers and tell them how I felt. It didn’t change much of anything but I did feel better…less like a door mat.

Fast Forwad to the next day….There were some annoyances and then the knowledge that people are talking shit about me. Yay more drama, though directly related to the other drama. I yet again talked to the officer I had talked to the night before, said my peace and then told him I would be taking a break from raiding for the next week. I renounced on GEM from SSC Thurs and Sun nights and ZA and Kara for next week. The officers understood why I did it and for that I am glad. Though I missed being in a raid last night.  I am putting my trust in the officers to deal with the situation and I hope to be raiding again next week sometime. We shall see……

So any advice for dealing with the drama llama when it comes around?


2 Responses to “WTB [Spine]x1 100g pst”

  1. Morane said

    I don’t raid (only level 38) and I don’t heal (enh-shaman) but I’ll share this little word of encouragement. IRL I coach kids soccer (elementary school). Whenever a goal is scored against us the first thought of many is to blame the goalkeeper. My reaction is always the same: Before the ball got past the goalkeeper it got past ten other players first. Preventing goals is the job of everyone, not just the keeper.

    It seems to me that preventing deaths is part of the job of every raid member. If the healing crew is doing their job and people are still dying then maybe the rest of the team needs to examine their performance.

  2. Morane said

    Curse the smileys! that should be level 38, not level 3-smiley

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